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Number of years in the painting industry

One of the things you must look for is commercial painters Cape Town with more than ten years of experience in the industry. Such a painter has the ability to offer you the best out of the great skills and knowledge gained in those many years. Check their registration certificate to understand when they began to offer their commercial painting services.


Another important thing you should look for is the commercial painting rates charged by different services. Do not be tempted to hire commercial painting services charging very low price because they might lack the right qualifications to offer the best. On the other hand, very high price is not a sign that you will get the satisfactory results. A great service will charge affordable and reasonable price .

Insurance cover and license

A reputable commercial painting contractor must have a valid license and insurance cover. They should be permitted by the legal authorities in Cape Town to offer their services to property owners. A license is also a sign that a painter has all the right qualifications and reputation.

A good commercial painter should have a liability insurance cover. This will ensure that for any issue that might arise you are not held liable because you are fully covered. You have peace of mind all through your project because you know no extra costs will arise.


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